About Us

We are sad to announce that we have closed the business as of 12/21/19. We thank our past customers for your loyal support.

Fern Creek Farm started as a collaboration between two families; Jon and Yvonne Meader and their 3 children, and Scott and Rosie Pyle and their 6 children. Today, the Meaders own and operate the farm while the Pyles manage the poultry processing. 

Jon grew up in a farm community and benefited from working in a family farm-based business. After graduating from NC State with a bachelor’s degree, Jon went into the construction industry. In 1999 he founded Oakview Homes, Inc, a home building company, and continues to build homes in Granville and Franklin counties.  

Yvonne also graduated from NC State and grew up in a family that loves growing a variety of Asian vegetables, fruits and flowers, and dabbled in raising Silkie chickens and Muscovy and Pekin ducks. Yvonne currently works for a major medical device company in the RTP, and when not at work, she manages the farm’s social media outlets, website and newsletter. 

Since 2004, Jon and Yvonne have enjoyed hobby farming, growing a variety of garden vegetables, raising laying hens, broiler chickens and turkeys for their family, while learning over the years how to incorporate sustainable, regenerative and organic practices on their farm. 

In 2016, the Pyles started helping the Meaders process their chickens and turkeys. Scott and Jon were both looking for business opportunities that the whole family could be involved in. Fern Creek Farm is a result of those early discussions.  

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